Muni-Meter Fiasco

Finally, after weeks of coverage addressing muni-meter problems, the City Council is finally acknowledging that the muni-meter system is dysfunctional and will introduce legislation to ensure that the machines stop stealing people’s money, and that the meter agents give fair grace periods to people looking for a working meter.

But this new development only opens up more questions:

1) Why was such a basic problem allowed to slip through in a franchise worth $200 million+/year revenue?
2) Who is going to foot the bill for the system upgrade?
3) Why are the Muni-Meters in Manhattan not reprogrammable?
4) Who is going to be held accountable for the theft at the meters which gave no voucher, and the wrongful parking ticket citations?

I’m glad that some light is being shed on this issue. I had thought that PVB scandals were behind us.